Who We Are

Gracious Granny’s is a charming Assisted Living Home located in beautiful Cottonwood Arizona. Nestled amongst the trees, in the warmth of the sun, this lovely home offers all the comfort and assistance needed for life’s daily adventures.

We have a warm, cozy, and elegant environment, quiet and serene yet bursting with fun and laughter. The all natural delicious food, the highly qualified, compassionate, always attentive caregivers, and the promise that we will try our very best to give our residents the enthusiasm to rise and shine each and every day, anxious to see what the new day brings.

We focus on each individual happiness and contentment, as we know a persons spiritual, and emotional wellbeing has a great effect on their physical wellbeing. We want their home to be interesting and exciting as well as restful. We will do everything we can to help them see within themselves the value and purpose they have in our society at this moment in time.

In the spring and summer Gracious Granny’s is a magical outdoor environment, with luscious green grass, tall trees, and roses of every color. Flower pots line the long spacious covered patios front and back. Waist thigh garden beds overflow with vegetables for the table and colorful flowers for sweet admiration!! Wild sunflowers sprout up just about everywhere, planted by the enormous bird population that seems to grow larger every year.
We are committed to making Gracious Granny’s the greatest assisted living retirement home for seniors to Live and Thrive.




Cottonwood Arizona retirement home

I have always enjoyed being with friends older than myself, as I love to hear about their incredible life journeys, the knowledge they have gathered and the wisdom they have gained from it all. Our Senior community is of such great value to us all, if we only take the time to just be with them and listen.
– Dee Remington, Director